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The Twisty Passages of Time, Book 1: Veer Left for Home

My debut novel novel. Everything has a beginning and here's the beginning of the Twisty Passages of time..

This is the blurb from the back cover:

On Liam Fennly’s eleventh birthday, his sister Mariam dies suddenly. The cause: a mysterious illness that over the course of several months also takes the lives of fifteen other teenagers in and around Liam’s small hometown of Stonehelm, Oregon.

Exactly one year later, Liam receives a strange message from an unlikely source. Two crows bring him a clue that his sister’s death may have been a lie. Facing the start of sixth grade, Liam soon discovers his family has been keeping a great secret from him.

Now everything Liam believes about his “typical” childhood—a childhood spent sharing a paper route with his best friend Richard, eating junk food, and playing video games—is about to change forever. Driven by the desire to learn the truth, Liam embarks upon a journey to discover where his family came from . . . and what really happened to his sister.


02 GlassSpider-Square-Orange-Black.jpg
Glass Spider Publishing was, in a word, incredible

I wanted to give credit where credit was due. The editing of the book was crucial to giving it that professional quality touch. A few years back I reached out to Glass Spider Publishing's editor Vince Font. He was supportive and positive about my project. He gave me a my first taste of a professional revision on my first chapter. I was very impressed with this touch. From the beginning it was clear that Glass Spider Publishing was a top notch editing service.

Fast forward to August 2020. I contacted Vince with my near completed manuscript. Within a short period of time, he gave excellent feedback. We went back and forth many times. He took care of setting up the ISBN and formatting the book for eBook and Paperback. Every step of the way he was patient and easy to work with. After the book was released on Amazon, he continued to work with me to get a few tweaks to the story taken care of. Very professional and patient.

Without reservation, I give Glass Spider Publishing a A+ rating to work with if you want your manuscript taken to the next level and published.

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