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My name is Karl Loveridge. In my earlier years, I grew up in Bennion, Utah with two brothers Steve and Jeff. When I turned 15 our family went through a a life-changing event. My dad had a mid-life crisis and decided to leave Utah and went off to Nevada to try his hands at gold mining. I lived in Winnemucca, Nevada for from 1983 until 1987 after which, I served a Latter-Day Saint mission to Indiana.

Much of my pre-mission life was spent doing these hobbies: Drawing, computer programming, and playing games. I was supposed to be going to school, but frankly my mind was always somewhere else. My love of writing came from playing text adventures games like Zork and Starcross.

Since that time, I moved from Logan, Roy, and now Syracuse. I met my wife Janna in 1991 and later started a career in making computer games. Along the way, we had three children, Megan, Bailey, and Jace. 

It's interesting how much Veer Left for Home was lifted from my life. Some of the events depicted in the story came straight from my personal experiences. Particularly the parts about Liam being chased around school while in the sixth grade. Though I wouldn't say those were great times, experiences like those leave strong impressions.

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