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These are unsolicited reactions I have received from readers (dare I say, fans?)
"I really liked this book! It was fun, mysterious, and intriguing. I have to admit, I was a little sad that it ended where it did. It was just getting into the answers and the fantasy portion of the story, but it was a very logical stopping place given that there is a second book forthcoming. I'm definitely looking forward to reading more about Liam and his family!"
- Zachary, November 18, 2020
"The author takes us from the real world to a fantasy one that coexist with ours much like Artemis Fowl, Percy Jackson or Leven Thumps this journey is generational however like the Fable Haven Series or the Narnia Chronicles. You can relate to the characters and the world they are journeying into has been developed beautifully. It will be interesting to see where Loveridge takes us next."
- Fran, November 27, 2020
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