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New year, new job

So it's January 21, 2021. We have a new president. What awaits us in 2021? Who knows.

I do know this, I recently accepted an offer for a new job which I start February 1. I'll be leaving my previous job where I worked for 2 1/2 years. As much as I wish writing could be my sole occupation, it thus far hasn't even come close to being possible. So, I continue on in the trenches of the day job.

Not too much to report on Twisty Passages book 2. Because I'm changing jobs, I'm certain that writing will end up be shelved for a few months. I want to get back to working on book 2, but writing for me is a very emotional experience. It's more than putting words on a page. It's about feeling the emotions of the story. It's hard to feel those emotions when I have the external pressures that life often induces.

Twisty Passages is going to be reviewed by Kirkus Reviews. Their big shots in the book industry. I'm dreading the outcome. I had my book reviewed on Man they panned the book. I had the choice to release the review. I decided against it. I decided to go in and do some rework of a few key points that the reviewer gave. That's why the big re-release back on January 9th. If the Kirkus Review is just as lethal, I'm not sure how I'll feel about writing. Part of art and writing is dealing with critics. I can't make someone see what I write from any other perspective than their own. If they hate it, fine. If they love it, great!

But I kind of felt like the reviewer on, was a writing snob. He or she read the story, and tried to hold up a template of other stories they had read. When it didn't match, they were upset. I don't get that. Is all that is commercially successful require it follow the same plots and stories we've heard regurgitated over and over? Frustrating. Anyway. I'll have to see how it is received on Kirkus.

K.D. Loveridge

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