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Promotion, my Nemesis

I've been busy writing my book and haven't spent much time thinking about how I was going to promote the final product. I've been reading and watching you tube videos of recommended ways to promote my book, Veer Left for Home. And I have to say, there's nothing I'm dreading more than the next promoting my final masterpiece.

Isn't that strange? I've spent countless hours working on this book, perfecting it, making it something I really can be proud of. Then, when the time comes that I need to promote it, I shrink from fear. What the heck is wrong with me?

The analogy I liken this too is this. When I started my book years ago, I saw this mountain I just had to climb. I set out on the journey, crossing a few rivers and started up the base of the mountain. Years later, I've just about reached the top and I feel exhausted. I'm tired and hope that when I finally hit the "done" button, there will be a welcoming audience without any effort.


There's another mountain! Now I've got to go find people that would be interested in reading it. Never mind, that as a creative project, there is a huge fear of what if people don't like it? And then there's the problem that I'm not a salesman. I've met those people. Always cheerful, full of excitement and eager to show what they're promoting. Its just not my personality. Frankly, I'd rather eat broken glass.

I've seen people that have that charismatic gene. It's odd. They can do and say anything and people are captivated by them. Heck, people make whole careers all the time on youtube selling their personality.

I'm just one of those kind of people that like to do things in the background and not bring too much attention to myself. Yet, this very project requires the exact opposite of who I am.

So, guess what? I get to do something I'm extremely uncomfortable doing. I'll try. And I'll probably go down in flames in the process. But I'll still try.

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